Our upcoming events (including this Sunday!)

Busking at the Santa Fe Plaza.

We're going to gather at 12:30 at the Santa Fe Plaza and start playing around one. Join us!

This casual outdoor performance is free (but we WILL try to hit you up for tips in the Tip-O-Matic). See you there!

Here are some upcoming events which are ALL going to take place at the Balloon Fiesta Park.

Click the "register now" button to get more detailed information and invite your friends by sharing the link.

Listen to the Black Mesa Brass (Bruce's quintet) play "It Don't Mean a Thing"

Hire us to come to your upcoming event

We want to come to your event, of course, but the earlier you can let us know about your event the more likely we can include it in our schedule, and we'll have more time to do something special just for you.

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